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Posted Jun 30, 2015 in Email by nancy
Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for your reply. Sorry for responding late because your email was wrongly delivered to Spam by Gmail system.
Now I am working as a freelance-based interpreter for MONKTON. It’s been 1.5 years so far. I am NOT the formal employee with contract limited. I could resign any time if needed.
Per the China business plan, I proposed, researched, surveyed and did all homework related unpaid and independently from my own end. MONKTON didn’t invest or involve in this project but arranging a top management to listen to updates and results in 9 conference calls.
The works done since this April are:
1.       Business plan Overview
10-age PPT, including parts of Reason/Objectives/3 Methods for talent resource acquiring and more
2.       Online questionnaire to address 2 critical questions: 1. Can we hire qualified Mandarin interpreter enough to support this project? 2. Are they willing to take this job?
200+ joined and 46 valid ones received, I constructed out all questions, built website and generated the survey report
3.       Talent pool setup
Contacted with 5 foreign language studies universities in China and 1 English training center, with over 1500+ talents intending ...
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