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Hi Raj, As discussed on our last phone conversation, we will spend the rest of this week on knowledge transfer. I'd like to do this in 4 steps. First, I'd like you to read through all the documentations attached with this email. They will give you a high level understanding of the architecture, business flow and main functionality of our application. Secondly, I also provide a list of glossary/acronym used in daily discussion of our project. Please familiarize yourself with these terms, the are the "language" we speak on a daily basis. I believe the first 2 steps above should bring you to a level where you understand the basic process of how an order is created based on a CSR's input and how it will be processed within the application. Once you familiarize yourself with these concepts, we can start the step 3 in which I'll walk you through a few selected use cases, for example, new install case, disconnect cases, change order cases and etc. In the last step, I will try to cover miscellaneous aspects which include tricks/workarounds that we learned along the way of the development of this project. They are not or should not be officially documented ...
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Task Owner Review - 非常感谢编辑的劳动。修改后的结果让我对自己的英文写作水平大吃一惊。 本人在加拿大生活工作了十二年,现在在一家全球500强企业从事技术工作,平时有50%以上的工作需要和客户直接交流,加上和同事以及领导的交流。基本上交流是我工作内容中占绝对主要比例的一部分。业余有阅读的习惯,除了中文新闻,其它都是英文内容,看Lost,Breaking Bad 这类现代背景的美剧都不需要字幕。之所以介绍这些是本来对自己的英文写作水平还是有一定自信的。结果接到修改后的版本大吃一惊,有几十处修改。 主要包括一些错误的介词使用,啰嗦的表达(譬如多层of的联用,造成句式结构不平衡,读起来语感很差),还有书面写作中不规范的格式。 吃惊的一方面是对自己书面英文水平的重新认识,另一方面是我深知书面表达中的这些错误必然已经对我的职业形象造成了负面影响。虽然本地人在平时口语交流中也常常犯语法或者句法错误。但是在商业环境书面交流中,对于一名受过高等教育的职业人士,这些错误是非常忌讳的。这相当于中文语境中和领导email交流中的错别字和病句(甚至比这更严重,因为中文是隐性语法,而英文是显性语法,语法错误更明显)。书面表达的准确程度表现出一个人的职业形象,综合素养和工作态度。 我下一步打算在平时英文书面写作的时候更加用心,然后不定期地选一些发上来让母语专业编辑修改一下,这样可能会最有帮助。
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