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Posted Aug 18, 2015 in Letter by 1894944on
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Brian Wang from SuperMa Media Inc.  I’m here to introduce a high efficiency and High cost performance way to spread your business advertisement.
SuperMa Media Inc. has close cooperation with more than 60 Chinese owner’s supermarkets. It is more than 75% occupancy of all Chinese owners’ supermarkets in GTA area. We the no. 1 in the media in Chinese owners’ supermarkets. There averagely about 2500 to 5000 customers in each store and with total around 195,000 viewers per day in all our cooperated supermarket stores.  So the effect of advertisement is very amazing.
I highly recommended the ad on the back of store receipt.  It is highly reliability for ad information delivery to customers, and will make highly feedback ratio for your ad spread. Of cause we are not only the receipt advertisements, we also have many ways to carry your ad, such as adbar, adcap, digital signage, windows, etc.  If you interesting, please do not hesitate to contact me with follow: 647-618-2566, or email: supermamedia@gmail.com
Best Regards,
Offer Price - 173 PCoins ( USD 1.73 / CNY 12.17 )
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commented Aug 18, 2015 by 1894944on
The extra payment is for tracking the modify. please keep the original words and write the  modification in different color or write the comment on side on the article. Thank you very much.

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Bid Aug 18, 2015 by aten
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I would be happy to proofread this for you. Overall, it is very well written, but I see a few errors and some improvements that can be made to maximize professionalism.

I will use the "Track Changes" tool so you can see both your original text and the changes.

Thank you for considering my bid.

Proposed Price (PCoins) - 173 PCoins ( USD 1.73 / CNY 12.17 )
Promised Time - 10 hours
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commented Aug 18, 2015 by aten

I've uploaded my finished document.  Please see page 2 for my personal notes to you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks!! :)
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Bid Aug 18, 2015 by nerdalicious

Hi Brian!

I see some spelling, grammatical and pronoun usage errors as well as a few unnecessary words.

I'd be delighted to fix your letter up for you and can definitely track all changes.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

  • Amy
Proposed Price (PCoins) - 173 PCoins ( USD 1.73 / CNY 12.17 )
Promised Time - 10 hours