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Posted Sep 9, 2015 in Web Content by 1894944on
Dear Mr. Zaim,

Thank you for your interesting in our ad services. Let me have a brief introduce of our supermarket media. (Please see the attached file: The Locations on map & the supermarket list).

SuperMa Media Inc has close cooperation with more than 60 Chinese owned supermarket for nearly 75% of overall Chinese owned supermarkets. The total number of visitors amounts to around 195,000 per days in all our cooperated supermarket stores. In different store, there are different advertising items as show on the attached list.

I'm not sure your location, but i think you can choice more, not only Sunny Supermarket.

I also highly recommend to advertising on the back of the shopping receipt. I also attached a demo of this to show you how the ad made. This advertising method can make huge viewers as high as more than 300,000 for your expand your business, and the cost per viewer as low as $0.005,  and the most important thing is almost every advertising receipt will be delivered into every customer's hand.

I hope to make a appointment foe a visit with you, and then I will know more requirement ...
Offer Price - 323 PCoins ( USD 3.23 / CNY 22.67 )
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commented Sep 9, 2015 by 1894944on
The extra payment is for tracking the modify. please keep the original words and write the  modification in different color or write the comment on side on the article. Thank you very much.

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I would be happy to proofread this for you. I will keep your original text and use the "track changes" tool so you can see the modifications. I will add comments to explain the changes, as you have requested.

Thank you for considering my bid.

Proposed Price (PCoins) - 500 PCoins ( USD 5 / CNY 35.1 )
Promised Time - 14 hours
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I've uploaded the finished document. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.