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Posted Oct 9, 2015 in Student Essay by NIEMENG
In my perspective, I agree with the James Collier who thinks that anxiety is a good thing. Everybody could have some experiences that make us anxious and frightened, such as job interview, having a test and so on. I think that the anxiety exists in any place, and we can't avoid it but confront it. It is essential for us to understand the anxiety correctly, and I still believe that we can benefit from it. There are two reasons below to explain why I take the positive attitude towards the anxiety.
On the one hand, anxiety is a feeling that stands for our great attention about something that suddenly is wrong with us and we can't be calm to deal with. When we pay more attention to the things we are concentrating on, we can feel anxious even have the stage fright, which tells us that we have to make efforts to achieve it. Faced with the problem that we don't know how to it, we consider it so many times by myself that we begin to be nervous. Only when we are forced to finish our missions and have to do something, can we use our energy ...
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Your essay is fairly well written and well argued. It's a topic that is of personal interest to me and your article provides a unique perspective. I would be happy to proofread this for you. I see a few changes that should be made, particularly with word choice, i.e. "could" vs. "can" and "the" vs. "a", or using "the" where it is not needed. There are also a few minor issues with sentence structure. I can correct all of these for you for you.

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