For the continuation of our service, we kindly ask all users and proofreaders to respect and abide by the site policies outlined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, including the following:

  • Please do not post or transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable material of any kind, including any material which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, violate the rights of others, or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law.
  • In order to maintain fairness and transparency in our dealings, we kindly remind all users of the service not to exchange any contact information with each other by any means. All documents and written material (comments, task previews, etc.) are constantly scanned to preserve this standard amongst all participants. Violators may be subject to a one-month suspension period in punishment for the inconvenience of disadvantaged proofreaders.
  • Task Owners of Bidding Task are reminded to always select their bids of preference before the end of the Bid-selection period (i.e. 24 hours immediately following the bidding session). Violating this policy for a total of 3 times may result in a maximum penalty of 10,000 Pcoins (USD 100) on the Task Owner to compensate Victim Proofreaders, in addition to a one-month suspension period in punishment for the improper behavior.
  • Task Proofreaders are reminded to always complete and upload finished documents within the promised delivery time in order to avoid the 25% late-submission or the 100% no-submission penalties. Any proofreader who misses the deadline for a total of 3 times may end up being suspended for a period of one month in punishment for the improper behavior.

In order to enjoy the benefits of our service, a two-minute registration process will make you a Registered User for as long as you wish and free of charge. You can then apply to be a Proofreader to benefit the English-speaking community with your knowledge and share in the success of our quickly flourishing business!


  • Click on the Login icon at the top-right corner and select Register.
  • Fill in your preferred username, password, valid email address, and the anti-spam code.
  • Click on the verification link that will be sent to your email shortly after.


  • The All Tasks page is where your own task will appear once you post it, among the most recent tasks posted by other users. If you wish to see a complete list of tasks, click on the RED, BLUE or GREEN tabs at the top depending on the task status you’re interested in.
  • The Tags page contains the most popular topics of all tasks ever posted. So before posting your own task, you may find it beneficial to look at other people’s work under that topic and learn from their mistakes.
  • The Categories page lists the two main categories (academic & general) along with the corresponding sub-categories (student essay, email, web content, resume/CV etc.)
  • The Users page lists all users, proofreaders and editors in a descending order of rankings. Proofreaders can be distinguished by the “pen” icon in front of their usernames.
  • The Login icon at the top-right corner gives you options to change your account information, buy, redeem or transfer Pcoins, check your task updates and the status of pending requests, watch your score build-up, and logout from your account.

In order to get a document proofread by our experts, you have two options to choose from depending on your own needs and preferences— a Bidding Task and a Discreet Task. If you come across a word that you don’t understand, you’re welcomed to visit the Glossary for a complete list of our specific terms and definitions.


A Bidding Task offers you the advantage of competitive bidding by interested proofreaders, which naturally results in lower prices and less promised delivery time. You (the Task Owner) get to choose the price-time combination that you find most efficient and convenient. The steps to participate in the bidding system are as follows:

  • Login to your account and click Post a Task in the top panel.
  • Fill in the required fields and make a choice whether you want us to rely for proofreading on the text you pasted or a document that you'll be uploading. Then, click Post Task.
  • All you have to do now is just wait for the bids to come up so you can choose from them.
  • To select a bid, make sure you have enough Pcoins in the account, then click on “Select Me!” to the left of the bid. Click “Yes, go ahead!” to confirm the transaction. Your task is now assigned to the proofreader and it will be delivered to you by the promised time limit.
  • Wait until you receive a notification by email that your task is complete and the file is available for download. To download the finished document, follow the link in the email or open the finished task from “My Tasks & Bids” under your account icon. Click the “Download File” button located under the bid you’ve selected .


This offers you the opportunity of directly selecting a particular proofreader who was able to gain your trust and made you comfortable dealing with in the long-run. It also completely preserves your privacy in that it only allows you (Task Owner) and your selected proofreader (Task Proofreader) to see any part of the task. The steps to post a Discreet Task are as follows:

  • Open the desired proofreader’s profile by clicking on his or her name from the “Users” tab at the top (note: you may want to mark your preferred proofreaders as Favourites for quick access).
  • Make sure you have enough Pcoins in your account before you proceed, then click the Hire Me button to assign the Proofreader. This directly takes you to “Post a Task” page.
  • Post your task by filling in the required fields. In case you changed your mind about the Proofreader, you can make a new selection from the “Choose a Proofreader” drop-down list. Then, click on “Post Task”.
  • Once the proofreader finishes working on your document, you will be sent a notification by email that your task is complete and the file is available for download. To download the finished document, go to “My Tasks & Bids” under your account icon (top-right corner). Click on the finished task and hit the “Download File” button at the bottom.
  • Finally, do not forget to rate the proofreader’s work and add your own review to help us continuously improve the quality of our proofreading service and keep it always beyond expectations—do it through “Rate & Review”.


  • Click on your account icon (top-right corner) and select the PCoin balance from the drop-down list, appearing as the second option (e.g. 31480 PCoins).
  • The amounts earned, purchased, spend , redeemed,sent and received of PCoins are displayed separately for you to view. The net amount of PCoins still remaining in the account at any point in time appears at the end (balance = earned + purchased + received - spent - redeemed - sent).
  • To see a complete history of your Pcoin transactions, click on the PCoin History tab at the top of the page. A table outlining the action, amount, date, and balance will appear.
  • To see a complete list of Pcoin orders, click on the PCoin Orders tab at the top. Each of your orders will appear along with its current status and amount in dollars.


  • Click on your account icon (top-right corner) and select Buy PCoins.
  • Choose the amount of Pcoins you’d like to purchase (e.g. 10000) and your preferred payment method (e.g. PayPal). The total will appear in US dollars and Canadian dollars in Payment Details.
  • Click Next to be redirected to PayPal website.
  • Enter your PayPal password and click Pay. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click the link at the bottom to create one.

Note: a user who happens to have an insufficient balance of Pcoins when selecting a bid will automatically be reminded by the system to purchase at least the minimum amount needed to complete the transaction.


  • Click on your account icon (top-right corner) and select Redeem PCoins.
  • Ender the amount of Pcoins you’d like to redeem (note: pre- redemption balance cannot be below 11000 PCoins).
  • Click Submit Request. Your request will be processed by administration within 2 business days and the dollar amount will be credited to you through PayPal.


  • Click on your account icon (top-right corner) and select Transfer PCoins.
  • Enter the username or email of the receiver and amount of Pcoins you’d like to transfer.
  • Click Transfer PCoins. You and your receiver will receive an email confirmation for sending and receiving the transferred PCoins.

After a proofreader has been granted approval for one or both categories (academic & general), he or she will have the chance to bid on any open task only within the approved category. Tasks open for bidding appear as either RED or BLUE on the All Tasks page. Red ones are usually more attractive since they haven’t yet received any bids, while blue ones are more competitive because many bids have been received but none has yet been selected. However, green tasks are not open for bidding since they’ve already been assigned to their respective proofreaders. Bidding Proofreaders might find it necessary to know various information about available tasks before attempting to bid on one. On the All Tasks page, each task is listed with relevant information such as word count, time posted, sub-category, task owner, time left for bidding, and the lowest bid received. For more details about a specific task, a proofreader may click on it to arrive at the task’s preview, offer price, and original document uploaded by the Task Owner.

How to BID A TASK?

  • Open the All Tasks page and click on either the red or the blue tabs.
  • Select a task that belongs to your approved category only, otherwise you will not be allowed to submit a bid (e.g. if you are approved only for the General category, there’s no point of attempting to bid on a task listed in Student Essay)
  • Click the Bid Task button.
  • In the text box below, we strongly recommend that you give the Task Owner at least one of the following:
    1. Your comments or insights about the overall quality of the Task Owner’s work
    2. Specific reference to what you’re able to do and what you will achieve as a result
    3. A sample of your proofreading capability on a portion of the task’s original document
  • Enter a Proposed Price for which you’re willing to complete the task. To be competitive and increase your chances, take into account the Task Owner’s offer price and other Bidding Proofreader's Proposed prices, delivery times and claimed work quality.
  • Enter a Promised Time to submit the finished document depending on your own capability and time schedule, while taking into account other proofreaders’ promised delivery times.
  • Click Submit Bid and look out for any new bids submitted so you can update your own if you wish to be more competitive and if you really want to win.
  • If your bid turns out to be selected, make sure you manage your time to complete the task by the promised time limit in order to avoid any late- or no-submission penalties. When you’re done, click Upload Finished Document to turn it in.

Note: a Task Proofreader can overwrite the uploaded finished document as many times as he/she wants, until the Task Owner posts a review and/or a rating.

Term Meaning
Task Any document that is submitted for proofreading. Tasks can be one of three types—free, bidding or discreet.
Task Owner Any User or Proofreader who posts a task for proofreading.
Proofreader Any User who has applied to be one of our proofreading staff and has been accepted by our administration. Proofreaders specialize based on their capabilities and area of expertise in either the General, the Academic or both categories.
Original Document This is the document originally submitted by a Task Owner for proofreading.
Finished Document This is the document uploaded by a Task Proofreader after completion by the promised delivery time.
Category Proofreading material is divided into two broad categories—general & academic. This allows Proofreaders to bid for tasks only within their area of expertise.
Sub-Category Each one of the two broad categories has various sub-categories—e.g. Web Content, Product Description, Student Essay, Email, Newsletter, Resume/CV, etc.
Word Count It is the number of words of a particular document uploaded for proofreading. The system-generated offer price is based on the word count of the Original Document—a standard USD 0.01 (1 Pcoins) per word.
PCoin This is our currency! 1 PCoin = USD 0.01 or US 1 cent. You can purchase and redeem Pcoins through PayPal or Alipay.
Free Task This option is a one-time trial for new users to explore the service free of charge, and for potential proofreaders to prove their capability. The document submitted cannot exceed 500 words in length. The Task Owner earns Pcoins from visitors of the Finished Document as P2V is “ON” by default. There’s no promised time for delivery, and the quality of proofreading on a Free Task is not guaranteed since it is intended solely for testing purposes.
Bidding Task A task that allows interested proofreaders to submit their competitive price-time bids. Task Owners of Bidding Tasks choose to switch P2V “ON” or “OFF” depending on their privacy requirements and desire for earning Pcoins from viewers of the Finished Document.
Discreet Task A task that is directly submitted to a particular Proofreader by the Task Owner, without going through the bidding process. Once accepted by the Proofreader, the task is said to be assigned subject to that Proofreader’s promised time and preset discreet price. Privacy is completely preserved in that only the Task Owner and the Task Proofreader can view any part of it (P2V is “OFF” by default). To compensate for the reduced traffic, a non-refundable privacy-protection fee of USD 2 (200 Pcoins) per task applies.
Bidding Proofreader Any Proofreader who participates in the bidding process for a Bidding Task by submitting his or her own bid.
Task Proofreader Any Bidding Proofreader whose bid has been selected by a Task Owner (i.e. and has been assigned to the task).
Victim Proofreader When a User posts multiple Bidding Task and misses the bid-selection deadline 4 times, all Bidding Proofreaders who participated in those 4 tasks are considered Victim Proofreaders and are compensated for inconvenience.
Pay to View (P2V) “ON” P2V “ON” gives you the opportunity to keep earning Pcoins from all Users and Proofreaders who view your Finished Document, for a chance to eventually offset the whole cost! Tasks with P2V set to “ON” avoid the burden of paying the privacy-protection fee (200 PCoins or USD 2).
Pay to View (P2V) “OFF” P2V “OFF” preserves the privacy of your confidential documents by restricting anyone from viewing the Finished Document, while still allowing other Proofreaders to see the Original Document for free. A non-refundable privacy-protection fee of USD 2 (200 PCoins) per task applies to compensate for the reduced traffic. However, you always have the option to switch P2V back "ON" to collect Pcoins from future visitors.
Privacy-Protection Fee It is USD 2 (200 PCoins) per task, intended to encourage users to make their work available to visitors for a little P2V charge. This fee only applies to Discreet Tasks and Bidding Tasks with P2V “OFF”; it does not apply to Free Tasks or Bidding Tasks with P2V “ON”. The privacy-protection fee on a Bidding Task can be offset over time by switching P2V back “ON” to start collecting Pcoins.
Bidding Time The time window open for proofreaders to submit their price-time bids. It can be either 24, 48, or 72 hours. The longer you set it to be for a task, the higher the chance you’ll receive better bids.
Price-Time Bid Bids are competitive offers by interested proofreaders on a specific task. Every bid consists of a promised delivery time and a proposed price by a Proofreader. Each Task Owner gets to choose the most preferable combination within the time limit (ending 24 hours after Bidding Time).
Countdown Timer The countdown timer appears within each task to fulfill one of three functions at a time. It serves as a reminder for Task Owners and Proofreaders of the time remaining before a bidding session closes for a task (i.e. Bidding Time left). It can also serve as a warning for Task Owners to select their bid of preference before the Bid-selection period ends. Finally, a countdown timer helps Task Proofreaders stay posted of the time remaining for them to submit finished tasks (i.e. to avoid any penalties).
Bid-Selection Period This is the time limit within which a bid must be selected by a Task Owner—the 24 hours immediately following the Bidding Time window. For example, if the bidding time was initially set to be 48 hours by the Task Owner, then the time open for selecting a bid is 72 hours in total (48h + 24h = 72h), which is Bidding Time plus the Bid-Selection Period. If a Task Owner misses the bid-selection deadline, he/she will no longer have a chance to select a bid. Moreover, missing the deadline for a total of 4 times, may result in the Task Owner being subject to a penalty to compensate all Victim Proofreaders involved.
Offer Price This is a system-generated price based on the number of words in a document submitted for proofreading. This price is adjustable only if the Task Owner is offering a higher value, otherwise it is automatically rejected by the system. The actual price paid by a Task Owner depends on his/her selection from the price-time bids submitted by the bidding proofreader.
Proposed Price This is the total price for which a Bidding Proofreader offers to complete a Task Owner’s proofreading assignment. The proposed price is one portion of a price-time bid.
Promised Time This is the delivery time by which a Bidding Proofreader promises to complete a Task Owner’s proofreading assignment. The promised time is one portion of a price-time bid.
Late-Submission Penalty This is a penalty imposed on a Task Proofreader who uploads a Finished Document after the promised time limit has passed. It is equivalent to 25% of the agreed-upon price, refunded directly to the Task Owner’s account from the Task Proofreader's account in compensation for the inconvenience.
No-Submission Penalty This is a penalty imposed on a Task Proofreader who totally fails to upload a finished document for the Task Owner who already paid for the service. It is equivalent to 100% of the agreed-upon price, refunded in full to the Task Owner from the Task Proofreader’s account in compensation for the inconvenience.
Task Owner Review & Rating This is the Task Owner’s assessment of the Proofreader’s quality of work on the Finished Document. The highest rating is 5 stars.
Proofreader Review & Rating This is any proofreader’s assessment of the Task Owner’s quality of work on the Original Document. The highest rating is 5 stars.

A: It is the single open marketplace that provides editing and proofreading services by professional, English-speaking experts from North America to the whole world. The hallmark of IAMPROOFREADER is the ability to make both, proofreaders and users, completely satisfied with their choices without compromising on anything. Our mission is to facilitate a beneficial, reliable and efficient two-way market between users and proofreaders worldwide.
A: Our company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada (North America). However, we welcome proofreaders from multiple native English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
A: We are distinguished from all other proofreading services in three aspects.
  1. Competitive bidding system—proofreaders get to submit many competitive bids to users, so users can choose the ones that feel most convenient to them in terms of price and delivery time. It provides users with minimal prices, fastest delivery and highest quality, and provides proofreaders with unlimited work opportunities and a decent source of income.
  2. Anyone can share in profits—by switching pay-to-view “on” for a task, the Task Owner and the Task Proofreader would both start collecting money from every new visitor the finished document ever receives, for a chance that users eventually offset the whole cost of getting a document proofread. This is in appreciation of both parties’ effort and time spent to produce that high-quality document from which people will be able to learn.
  3. Low commission fees—as compared with other online service-providers, our commission fee is as low as 9% on proofreaders’ income. This not only benefits proofreaders, but also users who won’t be charged much from proofreaders to offset their higher commission cost. Lower commissions mean lower prices.
A: It certainly can be the cheapest and can be the fastest, depending on the Task Owner’s definition of the “most convenient bid”. The proofreaders’ job is to submit bids that are made up of a proposed price and a promised delivery time. However, it is the Task Owner’s job to decide how soon he/she wants the document ready depending on its specific purpose and how much he/she is willing to pay for it. Given a certain level of proofreading quality/depth, a proofreader who can finish a document faster than another would reasonably charge higher for the service.
A: It’s easy. Login to your user account. Click on your account icon at the top-right corner and select your username to view your profile. Under your profile picture, click on the green button that says “Apply to be a proofreader”. Once on the application page, paste your resume in the text box provided and tell us what you think would make you a good proofreader. Select the category(s) you’re interested in, then click “Send Request”. Note: please make sure your profile information is complete before you apply, and pay special attention to the “About” section which gives users reason to trust you based on your interests, capabilities, past accomplishments and work history as a proofreader/editor.
A: Please login as proofreader, click your username on the top right drop-down menu, and click “Edit my profile” under your profile, tick off the option “Notify on every new task”. However, you have to check all the new tasks manually from the red/blue task board from now on.
A: Yes. Posting a task is completely free of charge. For a bidding task, the payment is not made until you select a bid. For a discreet task, the payment takes place when the proofreader you’ve selected accepts the task.
A: That completely depends on the urgency of your document, the depth or quality you’re looking for, and the amount you’re willing to pay for it. Proofreaders will post their price-time bids mainly based on their expertise and how much work your document requires. Your task is to choose the price-time combination that suits you best depending on the document in question. So if it’s a university essay due tomorrow, you might want to choose the bid with the least delivery time and highest proofreading quality, even if the proposed price isn’t the lowest of all other bids
A: In order to maintain a fair and credible environment, we decided to adopt a pay-before-service strategy to protect proofreaders’ interests. However, we also have in place penalties in case proofreaders are late or totally fail to submit a finished document that could go up to full refund to the Task Owner’s account. In case the finished document was uploaded on time but the quality isn’t up to standards, the Task Owner is encouraged to let us know through our Contact Us page with a link to the task in question.
A: If you’re not satisfied with a proofreader’s work and you think you have reasons to believe in that, we do encourage you to submit a complaint through our Contact Us page, along with a link to the task in question, so we can maintain high quality standards at all times for our users. Our editors will take the time to look into the issue; however, we do not guarantee compensation unless the claim is judged valid based on evidence provided.
In this case, please contact us directly through after 2 days of the promised time limit has passed, so our editors can confirm the incident based on available facts. If the finished document was uploaded within 2 days after the promised time limit, the proofreader is deemed late and the 25% late-submission penalty applies. However, if the finished document was never uploaded or was uploaded after 2 or more days have passed since the promised time limit, the proofreader is subject to the 100% no-submission penalty (total refund to the Task Owner).
A: To ask for clarification or question the reasoning behind something on the finished document, please use the comment function just under your task preview so the Task Proofreader can see it and respond back to you. However, please remember not to leave any contact information in your writing in order to be fair to all other users and proofreaders.
A: In this case, we recommend that you either delete any confidential or personal information from the original document or replace it with certain characters if they are essential for the overall context (e.g. XXXX) before uploading the document for proofreading. Otherwise, just switch pay-to-view “off” and make it up on future tasks by keeping it “on”.