Great Deal!

What Have You Got?

  1. Your Kids’ Homework
  2. A Business Email
  3. Your Graduation Thesis
  4. A Product Description (e-Commerce)
  5. English Translations
  6. A Book or Novel
  7. Any other!

What Can We Do?

We take care of every piece in your writing to make it perfectly flawless and highest in quality!
  1. Grammar
  2. Spelling
  3. Word Choice
  4. Punctuation
  1. Syntax
  2. Coherence
  3. Tone
  4. Overall Structure

Starting August 1st...

  1. ANY DOCUMENT, no matter its nature, word count or difficulty, will be FREELY BID ON by our proofreaders to guarantee a free, flexible and favorable marketplace for all participants

And, as before…

  • An UNLIMITED number of documents
  • The LOWEST PRICE the market is able to offer
  • Professional NORTH AMERICAN proofreaders
  • The opportunity to MAKE MONEY on finished work
  • FYI: The tasks that have been posted through the period July 1-31 have achieved an average rating of 5 STARS, with an average Revision Rate (revisions ÷ word count) of as high as 35%!

How affordable can a task be?

A document 500 WORDS in length will cost you ONLY $5—just about a Starbucks cup of coffee!


Come on in and explore the I’M PROOFREADER world yourself!

Note: We strongly recommend that users take advantage of switching Pay-to-View “ON” in order to collect money from every new visit their finished documents ever receive. We kindly remind Task Owners to make sure they select a bid within 24 hours after the bidding session has closed to avoid any resultant penalties. Finally, we hope that users and proofreaders would find our services beneficial, and would work with us towards keeping I’M PROOFREADER a fair, credible and reliable environment for all participants.

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