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About: I have several years of experience teaching English and helping people with their writing.  I have taught students of all ages from dozens of cultures, including Chinese (both Mandarin as well as Cantonese speakers).

My services encompass all kinds of writing: from High School Essays and Doctoral Dissertations to Film Scripts and Books.

Whether you are a student, an academic, a film professional, or a full-time writer; if you have a piece of writing that needs work, the Writing Doctor has a cure. Guaranteed!

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Very professional proofreading service!
your work is very good, every time I choose you.Thank you very much.
Thank you for your advice! We want to continue working together with you.
good,thank you .I will do in you suggestion next time .
我喜欢这个Writing doctor.真是写作医生啊。改的又快又地道! 1500个单词不到改出443个错误,老外改我爱死你了。我得告诉我们老板让他长期用你们服务,真是不服不行。才花了80多块钱,你们国外人工这么便宜么哈哈哈哈!